Update Week of 3-7-2022

This week we are actively working to get caught up on some out of stock beds and adding a new model. We are starting with Ender 3 beds with embedded magnets. We know you have been waiting a long time for these to come back into stock. We are working to improve the process of manufacturing these beds. They have been a huge pain, in the past, to make and we have been trying many things to make these in a economical fashion. Next up is restocking the Creality Ender 5 Plus beds, followed by the new product offering of a bed for the Creality printers with a 310mm X 320mm bed. Additionally we are adding an sku for an Artillery Sidewinder X1 & X2 bed (310mm X 310mm).

We greatly appreciate everyone patience lately. We have had a family emergency that has caused us to fall behind on some delivery dates. Everything seems to be on the mend and heading back to normal. But "we" is really a 1.5 person operation right now and both of us have been consumed with the family emergency.



Beds in the works

Ender 3 with magnets

Ender 5 Plus - Restock

CR-10 XXXXXXX with 310mm X 320mm beds - New product offering

Artillery Sidewinder X1 & X2 beds - New Product Offering

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